N Scale Layouts

How to build  N Scale layouts without much space.

Model trains come in all shapes and sizes. You already know this and  have probably seen the bigger trains and landscapes. They’re almost as big as whole back yards in some cases!

However, in model railroading, bigger is not always better. Not only do the big trains require incredible amounts of space, some are also unrealistic since they came from an era where they were marketed more as toys.

So for the serious modeler,  N scale train sets, becomes a real favorite.

n scale layouts
N scale actually stands for nine (9) millimeter.

The nine millimeter measurement refers to the distance between the two metal rails. This means that N scale train sets usually comply with this 9 millimeter track and so they are sized accordingly.

The N scale is a 1:160 representation of the actual trains. This means that they are only 160th the size of an actual train, called its prototype. Simply put, you could line up 160 of these models to match the prototype in length.

Not only is it compact, it’s usually finely detailed as well. The N scale train sets were introduced in the 60s and were geared toward the more serious hobbyists that were very particular in their model’s realism and detail.

Model railroading is not just about the locomotives. It’s the whole set that the hobbyists create to run and display their models in as well.

Everything has to be in the same scale so the tracks, the houses, mountains and tress all have to match the locomotive’s size.

This is why the N scale layouts have become so popular

With the larger G, O, or HO scales, whole rooms will have to be dedicated to housing their landscapes and tracks. But with the N scale you would only need a table area to make sprawling landscapes with long winding tracks.

This doesn’t mean that the N scale layouts are just for those with limited spaces. Their appeal to the serious hobbyist has grown to the point where some just love them despite their size.

Insanely huge landscapes have been made to house an extreme number of small N scale model train sets. They eat up the same space as the bigger trains, but have more trains and more details like whole towns or even big cities.

Some modelers actually put more emphasis on the landscapes, as the smaller trains make more room for the scenery to jump out. For some, there can be no substitute for the joy that can be derived from modeling these miniature marvels.

Due to their popularity, they have made great strides in manufacturing as well. Though still surpassed by the popular HO scale in terms of number choices and durability, their choices and reliability continues to grow.


Why N Scale Layouts are Space Savers

Space limitations should not prevent you from having the ability to build an awesome model railroad design. The goal for  N scale layouts should be to gain more capability,  within a far more restricted area.

With a size ratio of 1/160,  N gauge is towards the more compact end of ranges, offering you additional space to operate. As a reference a train car in N gauge will be around 3.25″ long, .75″ wide, and 1″ high.

This compares with a  HO Scale train car that measures around 5.75″ long, 1.5″ wide, and 2″ high.

If you want to further compare, an O scale train car will be 10.5″ long,  2.5″ wide, and 3.75″ high.  So, there is a big difference in size, with N Scale being more intricate.

This may not be as suitable for youngsters or older model train hobbyist with poor eyesight or who might have difficulty manipulating some of the smaller N scale train cars.

Not sacrificing anything because of space

As I stated earlier, with smaller model trains you don’t want to sacrifice functionality for space. That said; even though N scale trains are much smaller you should still plan your layout and track carefully.

Just because N scale layouts will allow you to build a full layout doesn’t mean that you should use up all of your space.

Do your math honestly and calculate the amount of square footage you can use and still be comfortable. Once you have a good number then you can proceed to purchasing track.

You need your engines to obtain the proper quantity of electrical power, so do not share excessive power in between your engines and even accessories. Consider multiple transformers.

Getting it all from a N scale model trains

As a result of the smaller sized elements of  N Scale Layouts you will  need to be sure to have an extremely secure foundation upon which to position the design.

You are going to certainly require a solid base structure to ensure that nothing will be interrupted or ruined at the same time. The last problem you need is a crash to occur and your n scale layout damaged.

Having a tiny setup, you could wish to have actual covering for your   n scale layout. Many consider this is certainly advisable, due to the fact that you wouldn’t want your hard-earned dollars to waste because of dust, dirt, or damage to your layout.

You should be mindful never to protect the format with merely anything however. The covering must not contain fibers or bits that could get involved in the technicians of your train and even develop problems.

One alternative is a product by the company called Tyvek could be  used for covering your format. This material is utilized in kite production since it is solid, thin, and even tear-proof as well as it doesn’t contain any fibers.

Good lighting is definitely a need for this dimension of  model train scale.  With such little parts, you will need enough illumination in your job area. You may also think about a magnifier head set that can certainly assist with your development of the design.

Keeping your N scale train set in tip-top shape

For more insight on starting your hobby in model railroading, you can download an e-book  Here.   It  offers a lot of info, guidance, and ideas to help you along, and it’s Free!

There are some other available e-books which can also educate you on how you can preserve your railway as well as making repairs, in case something gets damaged.

They are relatively simple to browse to find any kind of assistance or suggestions that you might need.

N scale is truly one of the best to area restrictions and even money.

N Scale Train Layouts are small and also delicate, so permit plenty of time and mindful preparation prior to you beginning tacking on track rails.

If you have that burning desire to start your own model train layout, you have a real option in N scale layouts.

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