Model Train Scales

 Model Train Scales to Fit any Space

The lure of model train scales is not new. Older adults often grew up watching trains pass by or dreaming of riding on the trains they saw in movies.

Younger people still get excited when the earth shakes as a modern diesel locomotive thunders by. Often that fascination leads enthusiasts to look for ways to duplicate the sheer beauty of those new or old trains in their own homes.

Model railroading has enthralled a wide variety of individuals for many years, but newer options expand anyone’s access to the hobby.

Hobbyist organizations around the country continue to sprout, demonstrating that model trains are well within anyone’s reach.

With the wide variety of model train sets currently available, the biggest obstacle for many potential train owners is to select the best options to fit their budgets and the space available for growing their hobby.

Researching the different types of hobby train options is the first step for any beginning train enthusiast. There are several model train scales and gauges, that should be considered.

model train scales
Model train scales – refer to the size of the train, and are actually a comparison of the model’s size to the real thing.

A favorite scale for many enthusiasts is O Scale. O Scale trains have a ratio of 1:48, meaning the real thing is 48 times larger than the model.

On the opposite end of the scales are the Z Scale trains, which are 1:220, which translates to the real thing being 220 times larger than the model. The variety of model train sizes allows hobbyists to match their trains to whatever space is available.

Setting up a model train takes planning. Right from the beginning, train enthusiasts need to evaluate how much space can be dedicated to the hobby.

While even a small area will accommodate a smaller size like the Z or N Scales, HO and O Scales will require larger areas to allow for the trains and scenery that will help to complete the hobbyist’s vision.

While many enthusiasts start out small, they often expand both the number of train sets and the complexity of the track layouts. Planning ahead of time for potential expansion makes growing the setup simpler.

When planning, it is important to remember that all elements of model train scales change as the scale increases in size.

That means planning should take into consideration the extra space that will be necessary for buildings and streets that are often part of the layouts.

While HO Scale train layouts can be contained in a relatively small area, a complex O Scale layout might require its own room.

Visiting other train enthusiasts to see how much space their layouts claim is always a good idea when trying to determine what model train scale size  is best suited for a given space.

Train clubs are common in larger cities, and they often have exhibits that can be visited to allow other enthusiasts to fully grasp just how much space is needed.

The cost of model railroading is also a factor every enthusiast must consider.

Cost is not necessarily dictated by the model train scales selected, as there are expensive and lower cost options available for most any scale.
Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set

Experienced train enthusiasts can often provide some guidance, but anyone considering the hobby should investigate the variety of cost options.

Some antique model trains that are considered to be highly desirable often demand higher prices. But those individuals who need to keep the expenses at a minimum can always find options to fit their needs.

Keep in mind that not all manufacturers’ products are interchangeable, so planning for future expansion should include whether or not new model train scales are compatible to the ones already owned.

Model railroading can be quite addicting, and often other family members will also become interested in the model railroad layout project.

Today, whole families often become involved in the hobby, and their skills may come in handy when layouts and scales to use, may require new landscape elements.

Don’t be surprised if what starts out as an adult hobby quickly enthralls younger family members. You can get started Here !

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