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Many people become a Model Train Hobbyist as it is fun and exciting to be a part of.  You can create replicas of trains such as the Trans-Siberian Express or the Orient Express right in the comfort of your basement.

You’re free to design the landscape and track as you see fit. This is exciting to many people and it’s a good hobby to be in, as you can get started at any price range and budget.

Some model train hobbyist start out small with just a simple layout and grow their collection over time.  Other people spend a lot of money and build something large right away.

You’re free to do what you like with it.  You can build roads, tunnels, rivers, mountains, towns and whatever you see fit for your display.

The trains built today for the model industry are very detailed and look amazing.  You can choose from brand names such as MTH Electric Trains, Lionel, K-Line, or Williams. These miniature model trains are exact replications of the real deal.

model train hobbyist

As you build your  train sets, you might decide to get serious about the hobby and look to buying collectible vintage trains.  These can be hard to obtain, but this is part of the attraction.

You need to understand these vintage trains in terms of the condition of the train and if the model train is a true original.

The condition of the train is important because it impacts the price you pay just like a regular antique.  The Old Lionel model trains were created over 100 years ago by Joshua Lionel Cowen.  In the 1900s many children just had a Lionel train as their only toy to play with.

These trains were well built and some of them still exist today so they are very collectible. They can be quite expensive to own so you need to decide if you want one for your own collection.

You can become a model train hobbyist with ease.

You can start off small and just build up your collection over time.  Going to garage sales as well as flea markets to start your collection of hobby train sets.

Antique stores, estate sales, and model train shops are also other locations where you can find good trains. You can look on websites as well or auction sites such as eBay to start your collection.

Take time to learn about being a model train hobbyist and the various hobby train sets you can collect.  There is a lot to cover such as engines, layout pieces, landscapes and more.

Plan your display out and add to it over time.  Go out and buy the individual pieces you enjoy and add these to your set.

You can be serious about the hobby, but the main thing is just to enjoy what you’re doing as you become a model train hobbyist.


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