Model Electric Trains

Launching an interest in Model Electric Trains

Building model electric trains can be very relaxing; this is a great hobby that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  This has an advantage of combining the many facets of additional hobbies.

Think about the collecting aspect of the hobby. This is similar to collecting baseball cards, coins or any other hobby.  If you decide to build a permanent layout, scenery and buildings can be built.

The interesting thing about this hobby is there won’t be any models that are alike.

model electric trains

Most model electric trains are not throw away items.  These are built to last and handed down from generation to generation.  People pull their train models out after 50 years and with a little cleaning they run like new.

This is also a hobby that can be taken to any level of involvement.  This includes setting up a train around a Christmas tree.  Some people build elaborate train models in a basement or extra room.

Remember train sets can be expanded through out the years and the new items work just as well as the older items.  The easiest way to get started with model trains is to buy a complete starter set.

Any of these starter sets come with the locomotive, which is obviously the motor-driven component that pulls the railroad set.

A person can start with about 3 to 5 cars in these sets.  A loop of track is included.  A transformer is included that controls the speed and direction of the train.

The transformer also decreases the electrical current from 115 volt to lower, safer voltage for trains that actually run on 6-20 volts.

Brand new beginner railroad collections come with the directions for installation, function and proper care of the railroad set. Don’t purchase a railroad set without a transformer provided.

Certain sets are intended for additions, therefore be sure to purchase the set with the transformer. The railroad set generally features the detailed description on the package, examine the model electric trains set carefully before buying.

It’s useful to keep in mind the purpose for getting the set . Aside from that, it’s useful to consider exactly who you will be purchasing this model railroad set for.

There are 4 major Model Electric Trains :

G, O, HO, and N scale model electric trains. HO are very popular  and the most common one used.  G is the largest scale.  The trains run with rails that are spaced 2 inches apart and each car is over a half foot long.

O scale is 2/3 the size of G, and the cars are around 4 to 5 inches long.  HO scale is about the size of a TV remote, and the N scale car is small like a pack of gum.

G and also HO model electric trains resemble the genuine thing and so these types of train scales are the best options when you are designing a long term and lifelike model railroad design.

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