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DCC stands for Digital Command Control. It is a way to control your layout that simulates real life train operation.

With DCC you can operate multiple locomotives independently at the same time at varying speeds and direction on the same section of track, without a computer and without complex wiring required.

Digital Command Control Systems communicate with decoders that control locomotives and turnouts on your railroad like an actual Dispatcher.

To learn more about DCC please check: DCC Trains

To get stated with DCC you should have one or more locomotives that are equipped with DCC decoders and a DCC system to run your DCC-equipped locomotives.

Yes!  We do offer Model Trains Beginners Guide.

It is an e-book and video course that shows a comprehensive step-by-step approach on building model train layouts of your own.

From the e-Book Series, you will find several model railroading tips, secrets and tricks that will make planning and building your own model railroad easy.

When building a model railway, it is very important to choose the right scale along with the perfect track gauge.

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There are mainly two types of tracks - the Flexible tracks and Sectional Tracks which are available in brass, zinc coated steel, and nickel silver.

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Also here are some Tips to avoid train track issues.


Yes!  If you want to start building your dream model railroad with the right guidance and tips please go ahead and grab a copy of  Free Download  right  Here!

Before you start please check our special section on - A Beginners guide to starting a hobby in Model Railroading where you will get all the tips and guidance in detail.


A smooth operating model railroad is definitely a desire for many model railway newcomers. But it can be basically not hard at all to accomplish after some focus to details.

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