DCC Model Trains

DCC Model Trains  Explained

A direct current or DC transformer gives you a nice locomotive going one way on your model train track, but by using a DCC or Digital Command Control you get the flexibility of having an entire DCC model trains-switching yard at your fingertips.

This is new technology and it allows you to have a lot of adaptability with your DCC model trains.

You have probably worked with standard controllers for your set like Hornby, Bachmann, Kato, Lionel and the other major brands, and probably have knowledge about the different wiring types that you can use for lighting.

You may have worked with smoke, whistles, as well as the various traffic and control lights too. Now you’re looking to take your train hobby to that next level when you use a DCC model trains system, to control every aspect of your dcc  trains.

With the Digital Command Control you can do so much. The DCC will send a continuous electrical current to everything you have on your train board like before, but you’ll have a digital receiver installed in each of the items on the board.
dcc model trainsYou’ll be able to control each one of them with the controller, enhance the operation of those items and change the feel as well as the look of your entire model train system.

The Digital Command Control is actually not that hard to use or technically complicated. It’s gaining popularity since its digital. The DCC is easier to wire than your standard system.

You’ll get power to all the sections of the track, lights in the houses, lights in the rolling stock, cars, streetlights, drop bars, trestles, train smoke stacks, smoke from chimneys, and so on.

The DCC in model railroading allows you to do all of this with the controller. You just need each item to have a digital receiver so the command center can access the item.

You can also “bundle” items so they happen at the same time. You can activate things in a series to indicate the changing of time such as people going home from work or just living their lives in your little train world.

How about activating sounds like the screech of wheels, air horns, or the sounds of a busy train yard. The digital command center with sound allows you to control all aspects of your railroad model system in the way that you want.

Several of the most typical DCC units which are available today are comprised of various components , such as the battery pack , decoder , accelerator , master station , and enhancer.

If you are planning at getting started with model railroading, then simply look into DCC as a means of managing your model railroad layout .

DCC model trains are a considerably more enhanced method of running any layout in comparison to standard 12v DC .

You will find numerous good quality manufacturers to select from whenever searching for DCC , however I actually do favor components from Atlas Model Railroading company or Model Railroad Solutions .

An additional advantage to DCC model trains, is the fact that almost all components and sets are interchangeable .
The system will help you get the realism that you’re looking for with your DCC model railway.  The choices are limitless.
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  1. This sounds like an upgrade that I would like to have. I have more than one thing going on at one time, but usually I cannot control them all. Thanks for the info!

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