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Atlas –  A Leader in Model Railroading

Among the leading brands in the industry, Atlas Model Railroading continues to be around for nearly a century.

Their high quality railroads and tracks have won these a spot in the hearts of model railroad fans everywhere. Remarkable seeing that the company began in a basement in New Jersey.

There are three scale models made by Atlas Model Railroading Company, Inc., the N scale, HO scale, and O scale. The US Company produces a wide range of locomotives, rolling stock, and vehicles.

The Atlas Model Railroading Company also has a sister company known as Atlas O.  Jointly both of these suppliers provide track , rolling stock, scenery , and Atlas model railroads in N , O , HO , and O-27 scales .

atlas model railroading

The Atlas O scale railroad merged the traditional appearance of the large O scale trains of earlier times with the high quality detail of the newer models.

The HO and  N scale railroad trains are of high quality, with the Silver Series being the less expensive and the Gold Series with extra functions; including sound effects and lighting.

Even though the Silver Line costs less, the trains are built the identical.

For the more modern age of railroad collectors, the Atlas line-up consists of the Trainman series, which sacrifices a few details to get more durable and playable train cars.

Atlas model railroading is recognized for their flex track systems, but they also carry an extensive product range.

From the Snap-Track® segmented tracks, to the Super-Flex® tracks, and the N True-Track®, this will make the task simpler for the railroad hobbyist.

True-Track is an Atlas roadbed track item intended for the HO scale trains. It offers a Code 83 track rail, that is snapped into a gray roadbed foundation.

True-Track is a preferred option among modelers since the track rail could be pulled from the roadbed and used by itself.

This is certainly a simple to construct track option since it does not need to be affixed to a surface area.

For the N scale trains, Atlas provides N True-Track, Code 55, and Code 80. Code 80 features black ties and silver rail. Code 55 features brown ties and offers a reduced rail platform compared to the Code 80.

Atlas model railroading offers a Right Track software download on their website. This is a layout theme plan that simplifies the building of a track layout.

To summarize, the Atlas track products are excellent. The specs of their track is solid nickel silver (a good electrical conductor) and also simple to clean.

Every Atlas locomotive or freight train is designed to be a precise miniature of the actual prototype. Almost every item you may seek for an HO or N scale railroad layout is available in the Atlas brand.

Atlas HO railroad also provides over 25 various freight car styles in over 250 various colors.

Atlas provides a wide range of components for any railroad sets . They even have a useful item called the “Atlas HO Master Track Cleaning Car”.

The train car features a tank for cleaning fluid and includes various components you can connect, based on the kind of cleaning required. This train car can make track cleaning really easy.

Atlas model railroading supplies a wide selection of electrical components. With the directions supplied, they help to make electrical wiring simple for the basic beginner.

There are certainly electrical words or methods a  railroad modeller is required to learn, but Atlas has “The Complete Atlas Wiring Book” for this.

As soon as you examine this guide, you will notice how easy the electrical wiring part of the hobby will be.

Something Atlas model railroading prides itself on is good quality, along with improvement of products and solutions for the model railroaders.

Atlas model  trains are very popular throughout the world, and people look forward to buying new models, when they become available.

Over time Atlas has continued to create anything a model railroad hobbyist could possibly need or want to create their own railroad.

Atlas provides track, locomotives, rolling stock, building, people, cars, and even animals.

Atlas will continue to be a leader in creativity and engineering in the model railroading hobby for many years to come.

You can start your own collection by buying a beginner railroad set or maybe choosing your railroad items one piece at a time.

Whatever your level of skill is, you will be certain to like whatever Atlas model railroading has to offer.

Check out  Atlas model railroading  to improve your own layout style and design. Happy railroading !

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